Top 7 Reason Why You Should Choose SAG RTA

Reason To Choose SAG RTA

SAG Infotech Private Limited, the pioneer in the taxation industry for the past 20+ years, now also works as an authorized registrar and share transfer agent (RTA). The company holds the laurel of Rajasthan 1st RTA Services provider. The company has been handled the responsibility to operate as an authorized and most trusted RTA in Rajasthan by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI).

SAG RTA Registrar and Share Transfer Agent are working wholeheartedly to fulfill its duties in the new role of RTA by offering world-class infrastructure and share transfer services to reputed clients, located in distinct parts of the country. Being a new R&T Agent, the company is highly committed to meet the diverse demands of clients, i.e., mutual fund houses, public limited companies, etc., by offering them customized solutions and on-spot assistance related to share transfer activities.

Here are the Reasons to Choose SAG RTA As Registrar & Share Transfer Agent:

Top 7 Reason To Choose SAG RTA

1. Industry Leading RTA Services

SAG RTA provides best in the industry & leading Registrar and Transfer Agent (RTA) services to its clients (Mutual fund houses, Investment companies) and professionals (CA/CS/Others). SAG RTA offers extensive services to the clients such as transferring their physical share certificates into electronic form, as well as hold them in the Demat account, opened with the depository participant (DP). Dematerialisation of securities is vital for traders to comply with SEBI regulations. SAG RTA also holds significant expertise in maintaining and updating the investor records as well as execute security transfer. Investor transactions like buying, selling, mail processing, and changes in personal information are also easily handled by SAG RTA.

2. Complete RTA Forms Available to Download

SAG RTA provides all RTA forms used in the registration and other compliance for the investors, mutual fund houses, public limited companies and other relevant entities from the industry. All the RTA Forms can be accessible from the website and can be downloaded as per the format required by the government authorized department. Some of the significant forms like a request for the change in address/name/signature, form for secure transfer of nominee are there for the clients and prospect to download and submission.

3. Login Dashboard Facility Available for Both (Professional & Client)

SAG RTA also provides an extensive login dashboard directly to the website for both the clients and mutual fund houses for them to log in to their accounts with the SAG. The dashboard also is accessible to the professionals like CA, CS, and all the financial experts dealing with the Registrar Transfer Agency Services.

4. NSDL/CDSL Depository Connectivity

SAG RTA also provides full-fledged connectivity with both the regulatory depositories of India i.e. Central Depository Services (CDSL) and National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL) with accessibility provided to the client for further maintenance of their share market activities and compliance-related applications with the government authorized depositories.

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5. Cost-Effective Prices

SAG RTA also offer multiple share transfer services to clients at the most cost-effective prices. The company works on a minimum margin-based criteria, therefore, making us the affordable RTA service provider with the lowest packages cost.

6. Professional & Experienced Team Support

SAG RTA offers all day long assistance via telephone and mail through technical experts to the clients. Also the team constantly background check the documents and verify them as per the daily requirements while secure verifying the data and providing them in the time of need.

7. Regular Updates on Compliance & Information

At last, all the Registrar & Transfer Agent Services offered SAG RTA by the consistently backed-up with the latest rules and compliance as per the government of India. Also, the data is updated regularly to avoid any mismatch and further communicated to the clients on a scheduled basis.

For more information, you can always reach our support staff or mail us to our official company mail ID.

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