Comprehensive Solution for Dematerialization of Equity Shares


SAG Infotech is Rajasthan’s first Registrar & Share Transfer Agent which is now offering professional RTA services to all types of security issuers and companies, in accordance with the notification issued by the MCA in September 2018, making it compulsory for all Unlisted Public Companies to issue shares/securities only in dematerialization form. We deal in both unlisted equities as well as common debt assets, including Certificates of Deposit, and Securitized instruments, among others.

SAG RTA, which is a subsidiary of SAG Infotech Private Limited, is a ‘Category 1 Registrar and Share Transfer Agent’ authorized by the SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India) for providing its services as Registrar and Transfer Agent to Issuers of securities.

SAG RTA will do everything ranging from the dematerialization of shares via depository in both CDSL and NSDL to a payout of dividends or interest transfers. Also, the company has expertise in the record-keeping of investors as well as security transfer. The SAG RTA does the revalidation of dividends as per the request of shareholders and issues them with dividend warrants.

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While all the miscellaneous work is handled by the expertise executives of the company which guides the investors and shareholders through the helpline and other communications methods like online, by phone, fax, and mail.

Also, the SAG RTA assists in documentation-related work processes such as Change of Name/Name Deletion/Transposition/Transmission, Signature, and Address Change and many more.

In order for Companies to be able to issue securities or shares in dematerialized form, they must appoint a SEBI-approved Registrar & Transfer Agent (RTA) which has direct/online access to depositories. The RTA team at SAG will act as a direct point of contact between the security Issuer and depositories, removing the need for users to individually manage their transactions with depositories.

Our Registrar & Transfer Agent Services are now being utilized by several reputed Issuers who trust us with the security and privacy protection of their client’s data.

Contact us now to get started for dematerialization of your equity shares/securities.

Appointment Scheme Features provided by SAG RTA:

  • Professional login dashboard for (CA/CS/Other) and Clients (Company) is separately provided
  • Record tracking for multiple clients in a single login
  • Fee calculator facility to get an estimate of all the fees payable to depositories and Registrar Transfer Agent.
  • All documents pre-filled for corporate compliance
  • Log of activities by issuer and professionals in the login dashboard
  • Connectivity with both CDSL & NSDL depositories

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