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RTA Appointment Scheme for All professionals


  • Login Dashboard for Professionals (CA/CS/Other) and Clients (Company) are provided Separately.
  • Professional (CA/CS/Other) can track record of multiple Clients (Company) in single login.
  • Fee calculator will be available for calculation of total fees being payable to depositories and RTA.
  • Pre-filled documents, which are needed to be filed by issuer to depositories for corporate actions, are available after login in a single click.
  • Logs of all activities conducted by Professionals and Issuer will be available in Login.
  • Connectivity will be provided with both Depositories (CDSL/NSDL).
  • Professional & experienced team support on Call/email.
  • On-time Tracking dashboard will be available for tracking documents send by RTA to depositories (NSDL & CDSL).

Terms & Conditions:

  • Charges to be charged by Professional (CA/CS/Other) will be levied separately.
  • RTA charges for other corporate actions will be levied separately.
  • Depository charges payable to NSDL/CDSL will be levied separately.
  • Support will be provided in office timing only.
  • This offer is valid for limited time period.
  • Partners will be practicing CA/CS or dealers of SAG Infotech Private Limited.
  • A Margin of next year's AMC also to be paid to a partner. (on admission of atleast 10 companies in a year)
  • An issuer company can also become partner subject to being refer atleast 10 issuer companies for appointing SAG RTA.