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RTA Appointment Scheme for All professionals


  • Login Dashboard for Professionals (CA/CS/Other) and Clients (Company) are provided Separately.
  • Professional (CA/CS/Other) can track record of multiple Clients (Company) in single login.
  • Fee calculator will be available for calculation of total fees being payable to depositories and RTA.
  • Pre-filled documents, which are needed to be filed by issuer to depositories for corporate actions, are available after login in a single click.
  • Logs of all activities conducted by Professionals and Issuer will be available in Login.
  • Connectivity will be provided with both Depositories (CDSL/NSDL).
  • Professional & experienced team support on Call/email.
  • On-time Tracking dashboard will be available for tracking documents send by RTA to depositories (NSDL & CDSL).

Terms & Conditions:

  • Charges to be charged by Professional (CA/CS/Other) will be levied separately.
  • RTA charges for other corporate actions will be levied separately.
  • Depository charges payable to NSDL/CDSL will be levied separately.
  • Support will be provided in office timing only.
  • This offer is valid for limited time period.
  • Partners will be practicing CA/CS or dealers of SAG Infotech Private Limited.

Why to Choose SAG RTA ?

SAG RTA is a leading Registrar and Transfer Agent that offers advanced RTA services and solutions such as complete RTA forms download, Login Dashboard, Status Tracking, Pre-scrutiny, Professional & Experienced Team Support and Regular Updates at a very low cost compared to most other RTA services out there. When you choose to hire RTA services with SAG, you get access to our brilliant team of skilled agents who will assist you at each step of investment and portfolio management for your clients in any industry and quantity. Moreover, we offer constant and high-quality support through a dedicated team for all our esteemed clients.

Services SAG RTA Other RTAs
Complete RTA Forms Available to Download Yes No
Login Dashboard Facility Available for Both (Professional & Client) Yes No
Facility to check the status of the process and documentation filed Yes No
Thorough pre-scrutiny of the relevant documentation by the professionals before filing it to the depository. Hence it makes the process hassle free & faster Yes No
Cost Effective Prices Yes No
Security Deposit Charged No Yes
Professional & Experienced Team Support Yes No
Regular Updates on Compliance & Information Yes No