Grievance Redressal Mechanism – Revised Timeline of 21 Days

Grievance Redressal Mechanism Registered Services Providers

In a recent Circular dated August 29, 2023, the attention of Issuers and R&T Agents has been drawn towards a Gazette Notification dated August 16, 2023. This notification is relevant to an important amendment in the Securities & Exchange Board of India (Depositories & Participants) Regulations, 2018, which is regarding, specifically, the amendment concerning the “Grievance Redressal Mechanism,” and a copy of the Gazette Notification has been enclosed for reference.

Issuers Registrar and Transfer Agent are duly advised to take note of the reviewed regulation 72. The regulation states that (1) the issuer, its agent, or any registered intermediary under these regulations must promptly address investor grievances immediately within a maximum of twenty-one calendar days from the grievance receipt date.

Moreover, the manner in which the redressal should be made must be as mentioned by the Board. (2) The Board is authorized to recognize a body corporate to oversee and monitor the grievance redressal process within the given timeline. SAG Infotech’s SAG RTA Offers multiple RTA Services, Circulars, and Financial Information for Unlisted Public Companies and professionals

It’s important to highlight that this recent amendment changed the timeline to “twenty-one calendar days” from the previous timeline of “thirty days” for the redressal of investor grievances. The new, adjusted timeline of “twenty-one calendar days” will apply to investor grievances received on or after August 16, 2023.

Issuers and Registrar & Share Transfer Agent are required to understand these modifications and duly inform their client companies for seamless compliance with the revised timelines.

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