Top 5 SEBI Registered Registrar and Share Transfer Agent in India

Top 5 SEBI Registered RTA Agent in India

Registrars and Transfer Agents play a role to monitor the data pertinent to the activities of the investors and maintain a record of them. Investors performed the chores concerned with the mutual funds within the Registrars and Transfer Agent hands at distinct branches. Such investors perform buy and sell of the shares accompanied by the chores such as updating personal data, exchanging, and switching to other funds. Registrars and Transfer Agents track the same transactions.

Registrars to an issue and share Transfer Agents also tell investors about new market offerings, unit data, maturity dates, nominee changes, timely performance of mutual funds, and everything else linked to investors.

Here is the List of Top RTA’s (Registrar & Transfer Agent)

  1. SAG RTA
  2. Coverfox
  3. Alankit
  4. GROWW
  5. K-Fin Technologies & Link Intime

SAG RTA (Registrar & Share Transfer Agent)

SAG RTA is the first RTA Services Provider in India and is been authorized by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), it furnishes the services followed by the SEBI with the services such as dividend payments via ECS transfers, dematerialization of securities through CDSL/NSDL depositories, with additional mandatory services.

SAG Infotech is the SAG RTA (Registrar and Share Transfer Agent) founding firm, with over two decades of expertise in providing financial tax filing software solutions to thousands of clients around the country.

The company collaborates with a team of industry experts to manage the whole back-office chores of the customers and provides timely answers to all SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India) requirements.

The SAG Registrar & Transfer Agent has world-class facilities and premises to handle the core official specified job as per SEBI and other compliance requirements.

Cams & Karvy | Coverfox

In every mutual fund transaction, there are three stakeholders. Distributors, investors, and the mutual fund company are the three parties that are engaged in the same. Assistance to all the stakeholders along with the services has been furnished by the registrars and transfer agents.

The Registrars and Transfer Agents serve these three stakeholders in the following ways:


Mutual fund businesses use distributors to offer their goods to potential investors.

  • The RTA supplies selling requirements such as investor documents and numerous materials.
  • The RTA provides a consolidated statement of the distributors’ sales in any given month.
  • The RTA aids them by buying and selling mutual funds on their client’s behalf.


Investors are individuals who put their money into mutual fund firms.

The RTA furnishes data to the investors for new offers, distribution of dividends, maturity dates, distinct funds, updates, and others. RTA monitoring would incur distinct details and service forms which is available to the investors.

Since all types of transactions get executed by the RTA and thus it is the one-stop customer service provider. Regular delivery of the synthesized statements to the customers would be provided by the RTA. There is a rise in the number of investors concerned with mutual fund companies.

RTA assists mutual fund companies by diminishing the price in the maintenance record.
The RTA furnishes the amalgamation of the synthesized statements for its clients of the mutual fund companies. Mutual fund businesses are not required to operate branch offices in locations with RTAs.

Computer Age Management Services (CAMS) and Karvy are the two leading Registrar and transfer agent companies in India. For the concern of the smoother operation of the MF (Mutual Fund Companies) of India, such firms are instrumental.


As the favored RTA service provider in the country, it ranks first. Alankit has established its impact in the industry by serving over 6 million investors, conducting over 2 million payment transactions per year, processing over 2 million Demat requests, and processing about 2.5 million annual reports (email and physical) with a share register of 800 businesses. Alankit has also successfully managed big IPOs such as HUDCO, Bharat Dynamics, and others.

Alankit Assignments Limited is counted under the list of the leading companies of Alankit and secure over 20 years of experience in furnishing the share registry, investor communication, and voting services to India Inc., as it is the first RTA to start furnishing Electronic Connectivity with NSDL in northern India. Alankit has a pan-India presence, with 20 Investor Service Centers (ISC) based in New Delhi.


RTA would extend to the Registrar & Transfer Agent. RTAs shall assist the mutual fund companies with record maintenance. A single-window reference would have been provided by the RTA to its investors for all their mutual fund investment pertinent details. These are private companies that are registered with India’s Securities and Exchange Board (SEBI).

KFin Technologies

Unfortunately, they cannot claim to provide the greatest services. The quality of workers engaged by them is rather low, with insufficient expertise in different operations such as share transfer. The replies are delayed, and the attitude is evasive. TSR Darashaw is the greatest RTA in India, in my opinion. They usually deal with Tata Group enterprises and are highly professional.

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