Registrar Transfer Agent Benefits To Mutual Fund House

Benefits To Mutual Fun

If you are involved in the trading of shares or mutual funds, you must have often heard about registrar and transfer agent (R & T Agents). These are individuals who handle a lot of back-end tasks, mostly related to the processing and management of shares and mutual fund units on behalf of the clients. R&T agents are usually hired by financial companies to work as intermediaries for their clients.

In today’s technology-dominated financial world, Registrar & Transfer Agent generally work in the form of huge networks with branches in multiple cities across the country. Their main responsibilities include helping investors with their investments (scheme selection, account opening, updation, transfer, etc.), managing transactions, and completing the paperwork.

Depending on what kind of agent you’re hiring, they may provide services ranging from simple investment advice to complete management of your investment portfolios.

Mutual fund houses, as well as share trading companies, may hire registrar and transfer agents on a permanent or client basis.

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Why does Mutual Funds (Investment) Company Need Registrar and Transfer Agent?

Depending on how big your investment firm is, you may be handling hundreds, if not thousands, of transactions and queries on a daily basis. While not many fund houses have the expertise or the personnel to handle this amount of transactions, the main issue is of time.

Answering mutual fund-related queries of your clients and providing them with proper financial advice is a time-consuming task, for which you are required to hire a dedicated team of qualified agents. A better decision would be to outsource the task to a professional RTA agency.

Here’s How Registrar and Transfer Agents Benefit Your Business and Help It Grow:

  • Cut the additional cost of hiring dedicated manpower for handling mutual funds transactions and processes.
  • Increase sales by providing efficient services to your clients.
  • Provide actionable insights and information on different investment schemes.
  • Help with investment decisions.
  • Help your investors with complex paperwork and regular transactions like buying/selling units, switching between funds, updating contact details, etc.
  • Last but not least, a Registrar and Share Transfer Agent can help you effectively make, manage and track multiple investments, even after the cut-off time.

To sum up, an RTA service can help your investment organization grow by outsourcing the back-end and client management tasks to a professional registrar and transfer agents.

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