How to Request for Change of Signature (or Non-Availability of Signature) With an RTA?

Signature Changing Request with RTA

A holder of mutual fund shares, equity or bonds with a registered mutual funds company can apply to change his/her registered signature or to provide a new signature in case of non-availability by filling the following affidavit form through the company’s official Registrar and Transfer Agent (RTA).

Along with the request to change/add a new signature, the applicant will also have to provide his/her consent to the company in written form, agreeing to various terms and conditions as mentioned below.


It has the following 9 parts:

1. Folio Details

The shareholder will provide details, such as his name, present address, company (mutual funds) name & address, details of the folio, folio number, number of shares, name of the company, certificate number, etc.

Change of Signature form Step 1

2. Address Declaration

This is the declaration that the applicant is presently residing at the above-mentioned address and has not changed his/her address in the past 3 years. Otherwise, he/she will enclose an attested proof of new address.

Change of Signature form Step 2

3. Share Declaration

The shareholder declares that the above shares were purchased by him and mentions the purchase year.

Change of Signature form Step 3

4. Old Signature Cancellation

Provides his/her consent that his/her current signature recorded with the company should be cancelled as they are no longer valid or have changed.

Change of Signature form Step 4

5. New Signature Validation

Provides his/her consent that his/her new specimen signature provided along with this document should be recorded with the company as an effective replacement of his/her existing/current signature with the company.

Change of Signature form Step 5

6. Affirmation of Non-Liability of Company

The shareholder/applicant affirms that the company or its agents cannot be held responsible for any possible consequences that may occur in reaction to this request of changing the signature.

Change of Signature form Step 6

7. Affirms for Transfer Deeds

The applicant confirms that the transfer Deeds for the sale of securities bearing his/her new signature should be considered valid.

Change of Signature form Step 7

8. Identity & Address Proof

The applicant provides self-attested copies of his/her identity proof, address proof and a recent photo.

Change of Signature form Step 8

9. Verification

Hereby client provides his/her verification of the information and format of the Affidavit.

Change of Signature form Step 9

With the complete procedure detailed here, one can assure his/her signature change with the Registered Transfer Agent. Also, the form guides through the information required by an investor at the time of signature change process and form filing process.

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