Download and File Form for Confirmation of Signature of the shareholder by the Banker

Signature Confirmation Form

(Confirmation of Signature of the shareholder by the Banker with their official Rubber Stamp Giving the full address of the Bank and the Employee Code number of the official signing this form.)

This form is intended to be used by the Banker for confirming the Signature of a particular shareholder, as given in their database, by providing the official Rubber Stamp of the bank/banker along with the Bank address and the Employee Code of the Banker.

The details of the bank, as well as the details of the Account Holder as per bank database, will be submitted via this form.

Download the form from the link below:

Here’s how to file and submit it.

Step-by-step Guide to Filing the Form:

1. Bank Name

Provide the official name of the bank as per records

2. Bank Address & Phone No.

Provide the official and complete address of the Bank along with Phone number.

3. Bank Account No.

Provide the bank account number of the particular shareholder/s whose Signature is being confirmed.

4. Account Opening Date

Mention the date on which the shareholder’s bank account was opened.

5. Account Holder[s] Name

Provide the name of the Shareholder (or shareholders in case there is more than one) as mentioned in the bank records.

6. Latest Photograph of the account holder[s]

Attach the latest and current photograph of the shareholder (account holder) as registered with the bank.

7. Account Holder[s] details as per Bank Records

Provide other details of the Account Holder[s], including their address, phone number, email ID, and registered signature, as per bank records.

Shareholder Signature Confirmation Form


Provide the official Rubber Stamp of the Bank along with the signature, name, employee code and email ID of the bank manager or other bank employee signing this form over designated places.

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