Letter Of Undertaking For Issue Of Duplicate Dividend Warrant

Letter Of Undertaking

This is the application format or Letter of Undertaking to be used in case you want the company (Mutual Fund house or share trading firm) to issue a Duplicate Dividend Warrant.

The form can only be used if you were already issued a Dividend Warrant by the company which you have lost or misplaced. You will have to confirm that the said warrant has not already been encashed by you and will be returned back to the company for cancellation, if and when found on a later date. You affirm that you just want a duplicate copy of the same warrant and are ready to pay any expenses or costs that may occur for issuing the said copy.

Here’s the process of filing the same. You can submit and process it through the registered Registrar and Share Transfer Agent Company.

Download the form from the link below:

Duplicate Dividend Warrant Form:- Duplicate Dividend Warrant

Fill the same and submit it with the concerned Registrar and Share Transfer Agent.

How to fill it?

Provide your (applicant’s) name, age, address, number of equity shares you hold, name of the Company, and the price of each share, at appropriate places in the form. Also, provide the folio information, including folio number, MICR number, Dividend warrant no, value (in Rs.), and the financial year.

Provide your (shareholder’s) signature at the end of the letter along with your name/s & address/es and the name/s & signature of the Witnesses.

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