Request Letter for Change of Address

Request Letter for Change of Address

If you want to change your address in your investment folio with a mutual fund company or trading agency, this is the form you need to use. The completed form along with supporting documents must be sent to the company’s official Registrar & Transfer Agent.

The format of “Request Letter for Change of Address” is given below:

The applicant is required to furnish the following details in their application:

  1. Unit
  2. Folio number
  3. Shareholder’s name
  4. Company name
  5. Folio Number
  6. Old address
  7. New address
  8. Proof of New address
  9. Shareholder/s name and signature
  10. Date & Place
  11. Address proof copy

The applicant is required to provide the correct address proof mentioning the new address, and not the old one. The address proof copy must be attached to the application and sent to the concerned party Registrar and Transfer Agent. As an address proof, you can provide the latest landline phone bill or latest electricity bill or Passport or Election card (Voter ID) or Driving License or Bank Pass, which contains your new address.

Request Letter for Change of Address

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