Request Letter for Deletion of Name (of a Deceased Shareholder)

Request Letter for Deletion of Name

Use this form for filing a formal request for deletion of the name of a deceased shareholder from the Register of Members of the Trading (or Mutual funds) Company.

Details of the folio and share certificates must be provided along with the application as well as the applicant needs to attach the share certificates for the folios for which he/she wishes to delete a given name. The death certificate of the deceased must also be sent along with the application.

Format and Procedure to Fill up Request Letter for Deletion of Name:

The request letter for “Deletion of Name” has the following 4 parts:

1. Application

This is the standard format of the letter in which the applicant needs to provide the details of the folio, including the unit and folio number, the name of the deceased, share details, etc.

2. Details of the Share Certificates Enclosed

This table will consist of the details of share certificates owned by the deceased. Provide the folio number/s, distinctive numbers, share certificate number, and the number of shares in each folio. Also, mention the total no. of certificates and no of shares.

3. Details of Survived Shareholders

This table will contain the details of the survived folio shareholders, including their names and signatures. Father/Husband name of the first holder along with their occupation must also be mentioned here. Provide the Date and Place at the end.

4. Registrar Column

Details, such as Inward number, Transposition no, New folio no., and Date, to be provided by the Registrar and Transfer Agent in India.

Make sure to attach the share certificates as mentioned in the application along with an attested copy of the death certificate of the deceased.

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