Request Letter for Change of Name

Request Letter for Change of Name

Filing an Official Request with RTA for Change of Name in Investment folio.

A shareholder who wishes to change his/her name in their investment portfolio needs to file a formal request with the concerned RTA (Registrar & Transfer Agent) appointed by the Company. The application for the same must be filled in the format prescribed below and be sent to the registered address of the Registrar and Share Transfer Agent (RTA).

The applicant must clearly mention the old name (which he wants to change) and the new name (to which he wants to change), along with the reason to change the name. They must also provide supporting documents in the attachment.

How to fill the Request Letter for Change of Name?

The “Change of Name” Application Form has the following four parts:

1. Request to Change The Name

Mention the subject (Change of Name from Old name To New name), Unit name, Folio number, the Company name, purchase year, Reason of change, old name, new name, etc.

Change of Name Request Letter Step -1

2. Details of The Share Certificates

Provide details of all the share certificates owned by you in the old name, including the folio number, distinctive numbers, share certificate number, and no. of shares, for each folio. Also, mention the total no of share certificates and no of shares you own.

Change of Name Request Letter Step -2

3. Details of Shareholder/s

In the next table, you need to provide shareholder details, including Father/Husband name of the first holder, occupation of the first holder, (changed) name of shareholders, and signature of shareholders.

Change of Name Request Letter Step -3

4. Registrar Part

It contains details such as Inward no, transposition no, new folio no and date, which are required to be provided by the Registrar.

Change of Name Request Letter Step -4

Note: The applicant is required to enclose the following documents (Duly Attested) along with their application for Change of Name.

1. Marriage Certificate/Govt. gazette or Affidavit of Rs.20/- (Duly Notarized)

2. Original Share Certificates

3. Signature duly attested by the Bank Manager

4. PAN CARD/Passport/ Aadhar card

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