Registrar and Transfer Agent – Everything You Need To Know

Registrar and Transfer Agent

For the purpose of giving security and convenience for every kind of Registrar and Transfer Agent works for firms, mutual fund investors, and fund houses. The mediator is engaged in maintaining the informative transaction records of the investors for them.

Multiple information like investors’ transitions to buy, sell, or exchange of the securities, corporate actions like right issues, bonus issue, preferential allotment, IPO/FPO, etc., or the other information concerning the corporate activities are needed to be held and handled through the Registrar and Share Transfer Agent.

RTA is the expert on which you can depend towards maintaining the information through complete professionalism.

Qualifying Points for the Authorized RTA Services Provider:

  • The entity should collect the certificate through SEBI, permitting it to handle as an authorized Registrar and Transfer Agent.
  • The entity should get themselves enrolled on any or both of the 2 major depositors – NSDL and CDSL.

About SAG Infotech Private limited (Centre of SAG RTA)

SAG RTA was started by SAG Infotech Private Limited. For more than 20 years SAG Infotech has been among the leading tax software providers in India.

The SAG RTA Registrar & Transfer Agent Service provider is a SEBI authorized entity that provides RTA services to their customers all across India. It is in the registered RTA list of the Central Depository Services Ltd (CDSL) & National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL).

SAG RTA and its Objectives

With authorization from the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), SAG Infotech is Rajasthan’s 1st RTA Service provider. The RTA council of the company is able to fulfill various needs of the investors which consist of dematerialization of the securities through CDSL/NSDL depositories, dividend payout through ECS transfer.

As a share transfer agent, the company used to transfer the shares on the demand of the investors, and during that time it managed to store more information of the investor transactions.

SAG RTA seems to have the activities concerned with corporate actions and do the report for the customers at the time of filing the reports to the related head whenever it is needed.

The Registrar & Share Transfer Agent segment beneath the company used to do the transmission, Transposition, Change of Name, Name Deletion, Change of customer Signature, and Change in the address of investors, under the authorization to its RTA services.

Aside from prolonging the new RTA services, SAG Infotech specializes in providing professional tax solutions through software for Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, and personal business companies.

The company has been present in the tax industry for the last 20 years furnishing the sector with the newest software solutions.

SAG RTA is handling with the intention of furnishing the effective RTA Services India through the assistance of its professionally trained staff that consists of the professionals such as Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries),

who just give all their energies so that their customers can get the easier RTA services. As from our presence, we prolong the solutions to the back-end corporate process for our customers by giving customized services.

List of the RTA Services Given Through SAG RTA

SAG RTA services are just open for the listed firms, Public Companies, investment companies, and mutual fund houses who just need the low-cost measure and large investor database. SAG RTA is a single-window solution for investors on the grounds of corporate entities.

Here is the list of the services and the facilities that you could obtain from SAG RTA:

Approval Scheme for Professionals (CA/CS or others) and Customers Through SAG RTA

SAG RTA Opportunities

The company is just ahead of its competitors as we provide effective registrar transfer agency services to the clients. Mentioned below is the description of the corporate actions that we just provide to our customers to which they play an important part:

Why is the SAG RTA Service an Asset for CA & CS professionals?

  • Leading RTA service provider:

From dematerialization of shares to safely transferring the shares according to the SEBI’s act, the Registrar & Transfer Agent furnished the effective services to the customers or CA and CS professionals linked within it. You can depend on the services towards the duly maintaining and implementing of the investor’s records.

  • Full RTA Forms Available to Download

Through the enrollment to the other compliances, the SAG RTA is the best service provider in which you can see the application forms listed to download RTA forms on SAG RTA. You can comply with the format of the compliance needed through the council.

  • Login Dashboard Facility Available for Both (Professional & Client)

SAG RTA is used to give the facility of the dashboard to every user. The dashboard is simpler to access and provides distinct management specs to their customers.

Dedicated SAG RTA Team to Handle Client Transactions and Queries

Appoint SAG RTA as Your RTA Service Provider Now

Appoint RTA Agent Now
  • NSDL/CDSL Depository Connectivity

The customer can associate with the depositories like CDSL and NSDL through a single tap. The customers can legally handle their share concerned with the activities or the other compliance through the verified depositories.

  • Cheaper Rates

SAG RTA is said to be an effective RTA service at a lower cost to the professionals and the clients. The firms used to possess a lower margin of profit which makes it an affordable option to you.

  • Professional & Experienced Team Support

We always help our customers. The assistance is present through the helplines and emails. During that time, the backend is used to verify the credentials as per the request for approval through the customers. Our company is related to the confidentiality of the information rendered via the customers.

  • Regular Updates on Compliance and Information

The RTA sector of the company follows the laws and guidelines of the government. The information gets updated to prevent the options of mismatch or default and the customer is periodically informed through his or her enrolled information.

SAG RTA in Media Publications

SAG RTA has drawn media attention since the day SEBI has authorized the organization to be Rajasthan’s 1st Registrar & Transfer Agent Services provider, SAG RTA has a special editor column in various newspapers like Business Remedies, Daily News, Nafa Nuksaan, Dainik Navjyoti, Punjab Kesari, Rajasthan Patrika, etc.

Cost-Effective RTA services of SAG RTA for CA and CS

Via SAG RTA you can claim quality services in a cheaper way. Towards the depositories, CDSL, and NSDL, the SAG RTA provides great connectivity and support despite the corporate actions. The company is designated for digitization and is advancing to perform effectively to enable the user-focused platform for the dematerialization of the shares etc.

The company can create ISIN in less time as its platform is digitally sound, monitoring the status and downloading the related credentials through the companies. It is a unique solution for R&T Agent services that can be accessed after the login of the website.

The documents are mentioned in the below list as needed by CDSL and NSDL towards the ISIN creation of the shares for your reference:

All the mentioned documents will be signed and sealed by any or all the individuals approved in the board resolution through the firm.

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