Transmission of Securities by Nominee or Legal Heir

Request for Transmission of Securities by Nominee

Here we have explained the basic form structure of the Request for Transmission of Securities by Nominee or Legal Heir by the SEBI to the Registrar and Share Transfer Agent of India. Below one can find the complete steps to file the form as per the compliance. Also, there is a detailed manner under which the client needs to put the information over the form. Check here:


The Listed Issuer/RTA


(Name of the Listed Issuer/RTA)

Please Attach Relevant Proof

Please Attach a Certified Copy of the Death Certificate.

Securities(s) & Folio(s) in respect of which Transmission of securities is being requested

@As per Nomination OR as per the Will/Probate/Succession Certificate/Letter of
Administration/ Legal Heirship Certificate (or its equivalent certificate)/ Court Decree,
if applicable.

Address:- (Please note that the address will be updated as per the address on the KYC form /
KYC Registration Agency records).

Bank Account Details of the Claimantrel

Please attach & tick✓ Cancelled cheque with claimant’s name printed OR Claimant’s
Bank Statement/Passbook (duly attested by the Bank Manager)

I also request you to pay the UNCLAIMED amounts, if any, in respect of the deceased
securities holder(s) by direct credit to the bank account mentioned above.

Additional KYC information (Please tick✓ whichever is applicable)

FATCA and CRS information

Nomination@ (Please ✓ one of the options below)

@ Guardian of a minor is not allowed to make a nomination on behalf of the minor

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